We have seen magical new papers in Harry Potter movies when videos are played in the interactive news papers. We thought this kind of a experience combined with a Pokemon Go type treasure hunt could make it more fun and enjoyable for a customer who visit Media Markt or Saturn outlets.

What it does

Media-Saturn GO is a mixed reality mobile application. In the sense this app makes your mobile phone work like a Microsoft Hololens headset but with no extra cost (of course there would be a cost for $10 Google cardboard ;) ) Customers just have to install the app on their phone and use it with Google Cardboard, GearVR headsets available in Media-Saturn stores. With the app customers can go in a scavenger hunt where they would be able to go within the outlet and find treasures which would ultimately help you get discounts for various products. While on the go customers can have more and more with the Augmented world they see with Virtual Reality. They can see videos being played relevant various items in the store. You can see additional descriptions and details about various products on the product it self. It is so simple. Customer just have to look at it and he would see the information and videos. Example: Let´s say you are visiting a Media Markt store and while going around with Media-Saturn GO app, you see a Sphere being sold in some shelves but you have no idea what a Sphero is. What you have to do? Just hold the Sphero on your hand and look at it. You would see videos, 3D models and lots of information in a blink of an eye. If you are lucky, you would get a discount for that item as well.

As you can see, Media-Saturn GO makes the whole experience of shopping better.

Another feature in the app is Search an item. Here the user can type in an item they want and wear the headset. The app would automatically guide you through the store to the place where you can find the item. On the way of course you can unlock bonus offers and find discounts as well.

Media-Saturn GO makes the real world magical and it helps customers to have more fun and enjoy their stay at Media Markt or Saturn. With Media-Saturn GO we are taking customer experience for a whole new different level.

How we built it

We got to know about the challenge when we came here on Friday and it looked so interesting. So we thought why not give it a try. We used Unity Game engine to create the app and code is basically in C#. Within the 2 days we were able to create a fully functional prototype.

Challenges we ran into

Getting video playback on Unity was bit of a challenge and during the whole project we learnt a lot. The whole project itself was a challenge because we were not sure about the technologies we dealt with. But at the with learning, reading and with the help of lot of online documents we were able to achieve our goal.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making a fully functional prototype is a big achievement I would say :D

What we learned

Learnt a lot.Hell a lot :D

Link to the slides

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