As of today, the pandemic has claimed more than 341,000 lives, and infected more than 5.3 million people. The virus continues to spread with no sign of stopping anytime soon. With all the panic and widespread disorientation caused due to the virus, doctors and nurses on the frontlines and the local clinics may find it hard to efficiently manage their time with all their patients. While on the other hand, it's getting more and more difficult for the average joe to get proper access to the right healthcare professional due to the rising traffic across all medical organizations. Oftentimes, an average patient has to go through a number of intermediaries before they can finally find the right doctor suited for their needs or even get the attention they deserve. Maybe the local clinic in your area doesn't have the right technology and resources to treat you and the emergency rooms at all the big hospitals are already too flooded with patients. The average wait times in the emergency rooms and other phone helplines are now longer than ever and this can make a life and death difference for someone who needs immediate medical attention.


What it does

MediRank is a platform where doctors in a given region can sign up based on their skillset and domain of expertise, to offer their services to anyone who needs it. A person can find the doctors in their local area and reach out to them. Their request gets added in a patient priority queue which is visible to the doctors. Our proprietary algorithm ranks the patients in the priority queue based on the severity of their condition and how badly they need to see the doctor. This rank is based on many factors such as the patient’s symptoms, age, medical history, social history, occupational history, medication history and past diagnoses. The patient fills all this data into their profile when they sign up for medi-rank. The doctors can then start helping the patient on the top of the queue and schedule future appointments.

How I built it

We created this app with 2 types of users in mind - The patients and the doctors. We match them using the google maps API with geofencing and geocoding. The user profiles are then saved on to our mongoDB database through our custom rest api made using expressjs. The front end mobile application is built using react-native which allows cross platform deployment.

Domain Name Registration: from

The website is deployed using Netlify hosting services and is also protected using SSL certificates.

Challenges we ran into

Coming up with the algorithm that ranks the patients based on their profile, and prioritized them for the doctors.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have made a very interactive app that is simple to use for patients. We managed to make it a working concept, which works fairly well.

What's next for Medi-Rank

Medi-rank is just a step in helping quell the pandemic with our available technology. Our team hopes that Medi-rank can become a commercially used application which will impact people globally , simplify the lives of those on the frontlines, and make a positive difference in this tumultuous time.

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