Medi-Point is an application for exploring medicine availability in nearest medical Store

What it does

Our idea will help people find the required medicine at the nearest medical store. It will allow the users to put in the name or formula of a specific medicine they are searching for and the app will show the locations of all nearby medical stores where that medicine is available.

How we built it

We are making an android and web application using Angular.JS and Node.JS, Adobe XD for designing. Our idea is helping the community for finding medicines nearby. This will help us to keep track of which medicine is searched the most at a particular location.

Challenges we ran into

The data that we have gathered is not clean which makes it harder for the us to accurately generate the required idea.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Identifying a real civic issue and providing a solution which fits the local culture and values. It Can be easily worked in to a final end product to help large number of people on daily basis and save lives.

What we learned

Developing and deploying android application. Using application integration with firebase and data cleaning.

What's next for Medi-Point

We will turn it into a useable app. We will start with limited alpha inviting friends and family. Get their feedback, implement them and if all goes well release it to a wider audience.

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