For an individual suffering from a mental health disorder, the journey towards successfully completing treatment is a long and arduous one. It often requires many adjustments to medication type and dosage with many visits to the doctor’s in between for re-assessments and check-ins. At times, the process can feel futile when the medication has negative side-effects, or adverse results and, relaying the message to the doctor through an appointment can be expensive and time consuming. With the piling number of barriers to success, it can cause the patient to give-up on help and terminate their treatment. Our team wanted to build a solution that will help people successfully complete their treatment and make their journey a more comfortable one by providing them with gentle reminders to keep them accountable and provide a way for patients to provide feedback to their doctor.

In any given year, 1 in 5 Canadians experiences a mental illness or addiction problem. 1 in 3 of those individuals will reach out for help. Approximately, 1 in 2 of these individuals will terminate their treatment early or be truant in their treatment regimen.

What it does

Medi-Minder is a mobile application that keeps user-digestible information on each medication prescribed to the user to allow the user to be aware of what effects the medication should be and what possible side-effects are. This allows the user to be more alert to their response to the medication. Medi-Minder, also, tracks whether the user has taken their medications within their prescribed cycle, and sets a streak for days that pills have been taken!

Unlike, many medication reminder applications, the focus of Medi-Minder is also to connect users to their healthcare professional to: keep track if medication is taken properly and keep track of moods and possible side-effects the patient may have after taking the medication. This allows users and healthcare professionals to check that the medication is performing as intended without having to wait until the next appointment date!

How we built it

We built Medi-Minder using react-native in order to make the app usable on both iOS and Android platforms, making it more accessible to users. The design was done using Figma, and was made gentle colours in order to ease the user into using the app.

Challenges we ran into

React-native was new to most of us on the team, but we used our knowledge of web development in order to overcome the challenges that we faced.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of prototyping a minimum viable product (MVP) of Medi-Minder within 24 hours, and creating a business idea that can help the enormous amount of individuals taking medication for mental health illnesses.

What we learned

We learned that react-native is very picky with its CSS properties, but is flexible in other aspects. We also learned that it's important to plan well ahead of time. An extra 30 mins of planning can save value hours.

What's Next for Medi-Minder

Medi-Minder will have a database in order to ensure data persistence, as well as profiles for healthcare professionals and users. Additional next steps for Medi-Minder would be to increase its functionality to include virtual prescriptions to allow patients to carry it with them in case of emergencies and to be able to host virtual appointments to connect patients who may have difficulty physically visiting their health-care professional.

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