My mother has Parkinson's, and needs to take medicine for Parkinson's and for a few cardiac problems. This means she has to take pills every day, at different times. Missing even a few doses can be disastrous to her health.

Knowing that a large number of people around the world face a similar situation, we decided to create Medi.

Medi saves lives and makes sure you take your pills on time.

What it does

Medi is your AI assistant for pill reminders. You can speak to her and say things like "Remind me to take my Prozac every day at 7am". At the designated time, The wireless-connected box containing Prozac will flash, and you will receive a notification and an automated phone call. When you take your pills, we get a notification via Verizon ThingSpace API. Medi keeps calling you until you take your pills! We can also call your relatives in case you didn't take the pills. We also have a dashboard where you and your doctor can see if you took your medicine every day.

How we built it

Verizon ThingSpace API + PubNub + Nexmo

Challenges we ran into

Getting the Hardware to work!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That we built a pretty much end to end system that integrates hardware, mobile push notifications, voice recognition, AND real time data streaming to the admin dashboard.

What we learned

Using APIs available is the way to go (100%)

What's next for Medi

Work with pharmacies and insurance companies to save 100,000 lives a year.

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posted an update

Medi is the new smart and very different from the regular peel box. 1) It doesn't have slots per days at all. 2) the user never has to insert and organize the pills. It is a 100% automated. So: There are never mistakes that might happen.

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