The Button The whole inspiration came from being able to use a button and transmit data across to the cloud.

What it does

The application itself depends on a button that allows to transmit information out to the cloud and be able to access the information of when the pill was taken. Then it displays the information on a webpage.

How we built it

We used the Intel Edison to be able to create a button, which we then programmed using Arduino(C) to read whenever the button is clicked, we then made it return a statement every-time the button is clicked. After that we created a python file which constatnly searches for a click of the button. The python file then Connects to Firebase and allows us to save in a JSON file a timestamp(Current Date, Time), which we correlate with the patients. Then it heads over to the front end where then Javascript files are in charge of parsing the JSON where we can then get the information and display it on a visual way to the Doctor.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many challenges, our first day was all trial and error. We had tried working with another Intel Edison but for some reason it was just cooperation and it kept on constantly stoping. We spent the whole night trying to figure out how the actual circuits to the board went, but after staying up almost the entire day we decided to test out an Arduino board just to decied to go back to an Intel Edison not even 30 minutes later. After that we stumbled across a working Intel Edison which actually allowed us to compile and run scripts, which was a hugh weight of our back we now had a working board. Afterwards we had some trouble actually figuring out if we could acomplish the initial idea, which was more all about text messaging, but after experimenting here and there we decied that it was best to change ideas and we headed to a more Doctor-Patient aproach. In which we would give the doctors a page where they would be able to check up on their patients and see if they where taking their medicines.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I think we are all proud in that we have all touched on some things we were all unfamiliar with, some on the hardware side and others on the coding side.

What we learned

We learned how to set up an Intel Edison board(Which is a pain!), also how to set up buttons and how to do some programming for the Arduino boards and Intel as well as how to code some JSON python javascript and C.

What's next for MedFuse

The future for MedFuse is limitless in that there are many other applications including, allowing the patients to subscribe to an automatic refill once they are running out of medicine.

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