There are now more than 350,000 digital health apps available to consumers. While many are geared toward general wellness or fitness, and some are middling in quality, specific disease management apps are increasing in number. The majority of healthcare applications, however, tend to focus on a single aspect of health such as diet, exercise, appointment booking, prescription, and notification apps. The average person has multiple healthcare-related apps on their personal device. Due to this, there is no single healthcare application that possesses a majority share like Amazon and Walmart do for the shopping sector.

What it does

MedFit is a one-stop portal for healthcare. With an integrated application, patients can book an appointment, get an e-prescription, track their diets and workouts, receive medication reminders, and search their medical histories. It provides an assistant Medbuddy to predict diseases, recommend doctors, remind users about appointments and medications.

How we built it

MedFit is built using React-Native thus allowing us to publish our application on IOS, Android, and Web with the same functionalities and user interface. Backend development for MedFit uses NodeJS and PostgreSQL.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Legal Issues: E-Prescriptions, Doctor Recommendation needs to conform to government standards
  2. Architectural Design: Since MedFit acts as an all in one platform, it is essential to ensure that the failures in one feature do not affect other features
  3. Concurrency Control: In any management/booking application, concurrency has a major role to play ## Accomplishments that we're proud of We believe MedFit succeeds in satisfying its problem statement of providing a one-stop portal for healthcare while also bringing digital impact in the field of healthcare. ## What we learned While developing MedFit the major learning was about different legal issues related to healthcare in different countries and how to comply with the majority of them. It also provided opportunities to interact with healthcare professionals, hospital managers to enhance the features of this product.

What's next for MedFit

  1. Specific Disease Management for example Diabetes, High Sugar Levels, etc.
  2. Integrated Video Calling instead of Google Meet / Zoom
  3. Hospital Bed Booking / Test Booking
  4. Real time deployment
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