• Visits to the clinic are incredibly inefficient, each time you have to wait in line to talk to a receptionist, and tell them the same info each time, you then have to take a seat and wait till your name is called. After the visit, you are expected to remember all the information the doctor provided.
  • This is a system that has existed for too long, and we believe this can be improved
  • We created MedExpress so patients have more transparency regarding their check ins, consultations with doctors, and post visit.

What it does

  • MedExpress is a platform which allows patients to check into medical clinics, and get insights regarding their visits.
  • When a patient enters a clinic, they can check into the clinic via a QR code. The web app then asks the users questions just like any receptionist would such as reason for visiting the clinic, symptoms,medication etc.
  • The web app then tells the patient their current position in a queue and determines an estimated wait time.

How we built it

  • A firebase database keeps track of all the clinics, all the patients in the clinics, their medical information, as well as their checkin history
  • Flask is used for the server side for all the CRUD operations as well as the queue generation
  • Angular is used for the front-end of the patient side app
  • React is used for the front-end of the doctor side app

Challenges we ran into

  • Adding patients to a queue based on check in times
  • Recording and transcribing doctor/patient conversation
  • POST request

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Using such a diverse stack of technologies to work together in a tight deadline
  • Learning several new technologies

What we learned

  • GCP and devops
  • Working with Twilio

What's next for MedExpress

  • We're plan to reach out to health clinics to incorporate our software into their work flow
  • IPO in 6 months big bets
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