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Telehealth, the distribution of health-related centers and information via the internet, is a fast-growing technology that's changing the world of healthcare - especially in a post-Covid era. Despite all its growth, however, one significant limitation hindering this field is that doctors cannot obtain verifiable metrics or evaluations of patients' medical data beyond subjective symptoms and complaints. MeDelivery aims to improve telehealth by providing patients a direct way to create appointments with doctors at nearby hospitals and request medical test kits so that they can report the results back to the healthcare professionals. This way, doctors will be better able to diagnose and treat their patients.

What It Does

MeDelivery is a platform that allows patients to schedule appointments with nearby hospitals and clinics that are offering telehealth sessions -- but with a twist. Before the appointment, patients can request to have a variety of important but easy-to-use biometric monitors and test kits sent to them - such as blood pressure monitors, blood oxygen monitors, COVID-19 test kits, urine sample kits, and more. Next, patients can use the equipment to gather and share medical information with their doctor/physician in their upcoming telehealth appointment. The monitors will be sent back to the hospitals after use for cleaning and redistribution, and the samples and test kits can also be sent back for lab analysis.

How we built it

To create the most user-friendly experience for patients, we created an Android app with Android Studio. The core of the back-end is a combination of Google cloud platforms - specifically, the Google Maps API (Nearby Search and Geocoding), and Google Firebase for storing the user's medical information and managing user-authentication. We accessed the Maps API with HTTP requests and parsed the JSON result to Java with the help of the FasterXML/jackson library.

Challenges we ran into

This was the first time for several of our team's members using technologies such as Android Studio, Google Firebase, and the Google Maps API. Much of our team's growth happened during these 36 hours, and we benefited from collaborating and learning from each other.

Accomplishments We're Proud Of

We're proud of our app, which adds value to the existing standard for Telehealth. We're also proud of the fact that our team is a truly interdisciplinary team, with each of us studying different majors at Georgia Tech. In the end, our diverse skill-sets contributed to brainstorming a creative idea and implementing it.

What’s next for MeDelivery

In the post-Covid era, telehealth will only grow in importance and popularity within the healthcare field. We are looking into increasing the functionality of our platform and providing a more robust and comprehensive experience for users. We can also plan on expanding our use of a database to track more medical information, and integrating video-call functionality directly within the app.

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