In the wake of the recent corona pandemic, business, especially retail, were severely-hit. Further, due to lockdowns and social distancing restrictions imposed all over the world, the chain of operations of retailers, from small to large, are required to undergo some drastic and quick revisions in order to be effective to meet the consumer demand. There is also a shift in consumer behavior, where now they wish to avoid going to the stores themselves for buying any goods and prefer ordering online. This will impact the retailers who have no means to receive online orders and depended solely on consumers ordering in-person at the store. Further, smooth supply of medicines and other pharmaceutical items is essential in such times. We were inspired by these new challenges to build an online retail platform, which can be used by any pharmacy store operative to extend their services online in a simple and user-friendly way.

What it does

Medelivery is an online medicine retail app, wherein the customers can simply go to our webpage or our facebook page, upload their prescriptions, and place their order. We take leverage of messenger app's quick-replies to handle user conversations, handover protocol to connect with our human agents and one-time notification to update the user when medicine is in stock, if they tried to order out-of-stock medicine.

How we built it

The server side code is written in node.js and express.js. For maintaining the database we have used mondoDB Atlas and mongoose. For front-end of our webpage, we have used react. For image-to-text extraction from prescriptions, we have used tesseract's api.

The client-user interface is realised using messenger platform and it is deployed on heroku.

Challenges we ran into

We had to come with a method to extract text from prescriptions image, and implementing it was the major challenge for us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy to have been able to build something relevant and something which can be immediately deployed to use. We are proud of our smooth interface, minimal design and user-friendly interface. More than all we enjoyed coding :)

What we learned

We are proud to have learnt so much working on this project. We learnt how to integrate messenger-chat-plugin in our website, query and update database in real-time, integrate image-to-text extraction api.

What's next for Medelivery

Although designed for pharmacy retailers, this app, with only some minor changes can be used by any retail business , grocery-stores to electrical appliances store. In this sense, Medeli is more of an online e-commerce platform designed to help retailers, especially small ones. We are enthusiastic to apply this platform to empower small to medium retailers to carry smooth operations in such drastic and uncertain times .

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posted an update

Please use prescriptions having only the following medicines, as they are the ones on the database:-

  1. Paracetamol
  2. Antibiotic
  3. Cough syrup
  4. Dygene

Also, note that the node.js program will detect only exact matches, and it is case insensitive.

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