In today's time, people espacially youngsters and corporate workers do not have a steady life. In matter of days they travel from one place to another; and in a totally new city, with people who may or may not understand their language, communication becomes tough. Hence at times when these people need medical assistance, finding the right doctor becomes difficult. This is where MedEasy steps in.

What it does

MedEasy is a health web application that lets people find the right doctor at times of need. People can book doctor appointments, read health blogs posted by the doctors themselves. People can keep track of their appointments, and also doctors can check their weekly bookings.

Most problems that occur is because people aren't really aware of what is right and what isn't. Therefore we let doctors add health related blogs on this platform that would spread health awareness amongst the people.

How I built it

I built this platform on the MERN stack. It effectively uses conditional rendering to modify the UI based on the users's role.

Challenges I ran into

Developing the right data model for storing the data, and modifying the UI based on roles, was the major challenge.

What's next for MedEasy

As a next step forward I would like to integrate video chat feature on the platform that would let people have doctor's guidance at extreme ease.

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