Medical Health Organization is not adequately prepared to care for patients that are affected by COVID / Any Disease which leads to unnecessary human suffering with spending a huge amount on products which are not needed by neglecting the data ( Making sense of it ) and then acting on it.

What it does

So Med-Chain Crisis Management is a tool not just limited to Covid-19 or any crisis it's a SaaS product which helps the medical professional to make sense of huge data which they have and then act on it with the recommendation which we provide which indeed are linked to the supply chain part.

How we built it

It has 3 parts

  1. The ML/AI part of data and converting those data sets into meaningful graphs which any person and see and act on.
  2. The Recommendation where we provide some key insights from the data which we analysed in terms of product inventory management and general use.
  3. the use of world map as a tool to reduce the time searching and connecting with suppliers for a specific product which takes into consideration the cost-effectiveness and the time deliberately.

Challenges we ran into

Finding the proper dataset that will provide a Healthcare Data Analyst with the necessary tool for identifying which specific Pennsylvania region needs the most COVID relief efforts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Decision Trees Model, Linear Regression Model, and Support Vector Regressor Model. Medical Supply Chain UI.

What we learned

How is the current scenario of Pennsylvania State talking in terms of COVID-19 and the use of supply chain management in the medical industry?

What's next for MedChain Response: Crisis Management Tool

Not just limit is to one state but expand it country-level tool and make the supply chain recommendation more prominent.

Built With

  • covid-pa-counties.csv
  • decisiontreeregressor
  • figma
  • googlecolab
  • linearregression
  • matplotlib
  • numpy
  • pandas
  • plt
  • python
  • sklearn
  • supportvectorregressor
+ 42 more
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