We recently experienced a situation where we found someone who had had too much to drink and was unresponsive. James, one of the team members, thankfully had the medical knowledge to notice potential symptoms of alcohol poisoning, and was able to react in an appropriate manner. This led us to worry about individuals who may find themselves in similar situations, but not have the skillset to handle it, and would need a helping hand in understanding what to do.

What it does

MedBot is a chat-bot geared towards medical situations, which could potentially be classified as emergencies. Anything from abdomin pain to lightheadedness, MedBot can take input about symptoms, potentially diagnose the issue, and walk the user through potential solutions and treatments. MedBot also has the built-in option to directly alert the proper authorities if needed.

How we built it

The team built MedBot using Swift, DialogueBot and its respective API, as well as the SafeTrek API.

Built With

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