Currently, many hospitals still burn CD’s to give patient’s their medical images and records including MRI’s and CT scans.

A recent study conducted by Life Image showed that nearly 40% of patients are still required to physically travel to pick up CDs if they want access to their medical records including MRI’s and CT scans. According to the survey, 66% of respondents have access to at least one portal connected to their provider’s Electronic Health Records, however only 18% of respondents have been able to ever receive records digitally which shows that, while patients have access to portals, records and information are still not being effectively shared.

This system of sharing medical data is very fragile because CD’s aren’t secure and don’t allow for immediate access. Since CD burner manufacturers are all different, and equipment at the two facilities may not be the same, getting the images is sometimes not possible due to compatibility issues.

Although this system seems incredibly archaic given the technology we have now, this is the reality. Our team’s family members have personal experience with the broken medical record storage and retrieval system.

What is it?

Medblock is a blockchain IPFS-based medical image portability system that’s fast, secure, and permanent.

MedBlock allows providers to upload and fulfill medical records requests and for patients to request, upload, and retrieve records. It also uses machine learning to make all MedBlock records verifiable, so receivers can make sure all images are authentic.

What we learned

We learned a lot about how medical data is stored and sent to patients!

What's next for MedBlock

In the future, we will launch MedBlock by partnering with local medical providers.

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