As more legal COVID-19 vaccines are produced, more fraudulent vaccines are being sold to unknowing customers. In February 2021, three men in Baltimore were arrested for posing as a Moderna website and trying to sell fraudulent vaccines.

The problem is relevant globally rather than just in the United States and even Europe has been seizing false vaccines.

What it does

MedBlock uses blockchain technology to verify that the location you are getting vaccinated at legally acquired the vaccination dosage and is not a counterfeit drug. Users are easily able to make this validation by providing the name of the vaccine and the company name of the hospital/organization administering the vaccination. In addition, our application also provides users with information on other vaccinations.

How we built it

We used Rust to build our blockchain so we can have both speed and safety. We also used Rocket to create a REST API so we can information on the blocks that are on the blockchain. We pair our backend service with a React Native application so users can verify their vaccines through an app on their phones.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge was applying blockchain technology to our project since we are all new to the blockchain field. after conducting the research we also ran into some challenges using Rust since it is a programming language we are not too familiar with.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We most proud of the application we have built and the impact we believe it can make on the world.

What we learned

Throughout this hackathon we learned how powerful blockchain is and how great of a language Rust is!

What's next for MedBlock

Due to the time constraints of this weekend, our implementation was centered around vaccines but with more time we would like to implement it for all types of pharmaceuticals in order to diminish the presence of counterfeit medicine internationally!

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