The problem our project solves:

We provide a portable device that can sensitively detect the COVID-19 virus and COVID-19 severity at the same time in 40 minutes


The Coronavirus epidemic has left the world on a hinge. Many lives has lost. Massive lockdowns have left the world economy in dire strait. According to the WHO and CDC, the way to reboot society's engines back to power is via rapid and extensive testing to identify the infected person as early as possible.

Furthermore, accumulating evidence suggests that a subgroup of patients with severe COVID-19 might have a cytokine storm syndrome (excessive or uncontrolled levels of cytokines) due to the immune response. Therefore, apart from detecting SARS-CoV-2 virus RNA, we would like to add cytokine biomarkers testing in our device to serve as an additional assurance to assist physicians on monitoring disease severity and/or treatment decision making.

What it does

The test is based on biomolecular magnetic beads which incorporate the molecular components that will be used for the detection of the virus. The nature of the magnetic beads allows for the concentration of the sample many magnitudes over, thus multiplying the sensitivity of the test. In addition, we will add on the customized rolling circle replication with fluorescent probes to amplify the sensitivity.

The Medbeads allows an easy handling of the test by nonprofessional personal, and automation with simple inexpensive machines that can fit in a PoC station such as GP(general doctors), family doctors or local clinics.

The robustness of the test allows for reproducible results in around forty minutes with testing of two different biomarkers of the virus: Genetic Sequence Immuno active components

The solution we bring to the table (including technical details, architecture, tools used):

• Increased sensitivity by using the magnetic beads plus rolling circle replication amplification to increase the SARS-Cov-2 RNA quantity and quality.

• Shorter procedure time by using magnetic Beads and automated procedure

• Assisting physicians on disease monitoring and decision making by adding the measuring of the immune response (cytokine IL-6 or TNF-a) in the same reaction of the same sample

• Increase of the testing capacity by running up to 8 samples at once The technical details on biological reaction and testing device architecture are in the video here:

Our Team

We are an international team from Israel, Switzerland and Austria. Our team combines the knowledge of molecular biology, machine learning, and electrical engineering. We believe that our solution can bring great benefit to the world, and reduce the time for normalization.

What we have done during the weekend:

• Form the team

• Design the biological procedure to increase the testing sensitivity by using existing commercialized low-cost reagent. Search/discuss how to minimal the procedures but increase the sensitivity.

• Identify the time and temperature and engineer components needed for the biological procedure.

• Design the engineer components and detection system by using existing electronic components that are low cost. • Integration of biological procedure and detection system with further estimation testing capacity of our device (8 sample in 40 mins detecting SARS-Cov-2 RNA and cytokine IL-6 or TNF-a RNA expression)

• Existing market overview (analysis of the existing devices in the market)

• Business model plan

• Our logo design, animation video of the procedure

• Video presentation

What's next for MedBeads

• Team member with marketing/sales expertise

• Funding for Proof of concept, MVP Prototype and Validation

• Contacts to decision making positions in the public and private sector for contracts with hospitals, erlderly-homes, schools, universities, etc.

• Financing for mass production of devices and consumables

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