I was working in the lab late one night, When my eyes beheld an eerie sight.....

A prescription bottle with a barcode. Hey, we can use this!

What it does

This app helps doctors and patients manage their use of prescription medication. Doctors or pharmacies will generate a QR code for their patients' drugs, and the patients can scan that QR code to track their intake. The system will alert an emergency contact if a patient tries to take a medicine that is not their own.

How we built it

C#, SQL, Swift

Challenges we ran into

None. We never miss.

We had trouble maintaining our connection between the app and our Apache server and scanning QR codes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully read and generated QR codes, as well as sending automated text messages. Our database and back-end are fully functional.

What we learned

QR codes and how to read and generate them Send and email from an application How to text message from an application Connecting forms to databases

Built With

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