Insight to Rural healthcare facilites When we researched around rural healtcare facilites, we came across some eye opening stats. In rural India, the number of Primary health care centers (PHCs) is limited, 8% of the centers do not have doctors or medical staff, 39% do not have lab technicians and 18% PHCs do not even have a pharmacist. The biggest of these is the lack of easy access to public health facilities: 73% sub-centres were more than 3 km from patients, 28% sub-centres and 20% PHCs were not accessible by public transport, concluded an IndiaSpend analysis of a Comptroller and Auditor General report.

Internet influence in Rural India We all are aware about digital revolution coming up in India with internet reaching almost every household. India's digital revolution is hugely propelled by the rural masses — rural India registered a 45% growth in the monthly active internet users in 2019. India now has more rural internet users than urban ones. The low-cost data revolution and the government’s digital push have made desi internet more diverse and inclusive.

The idea we propose

From the above stats, we concluded that its difficult to build hospitals and make doctor available everywhere. But the digital revolution can become a boon in improving healtcare facilities in rural areas. We Team Devino came up with solution Medassit, a virtual medical clinic, where patients can book appointments, contact doctors, get prescriptions and all these facilities at their home. Now the doctors are not limited to hospitals or cities, patients can get consultation from doctors all over the country from the ease of their home.

Whats next ?

We are planning to integrate pharmacies and path labs where doctor can share prescription directly and medicine can be delivered to the patients.

P.S we could not cover all the features in 5 min, so the length of video could not be shortened.

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