Medical care is primarily a hands-on profession. Doctors are listening to their patient’s heartbeats with stethoscopes, surgeons are utilizing cutting and holding instruments, and nurses are performing CPR. Their hands are full, but their voices are free. MedAssist+ allows you to navigate through the website through Alexa voice commands which gives you access to their medical images, calendar schedule, and patient info. MedAssist+ offers an alternative for a low budget facility to gain a virtual medical assistant at a fraction of the cost.

Use Cases

Eliminating the wait time of medical assistants getting the doctors up to speed. Doctors can see a patient’s medical images and information while examining the patient.
A dentist or surgeon can view x-rays while performing surgery or checkups
A medical receptionist can use it to manage a patient’s schedule while working on paperwork

Challenges we ran into

Learning to work with AWS, DynamoDB and lambda functions to make the voice commands do what we wanted them to. Having the calendar update after making changes to events. John telling Michael to delete everything he worked on for hours because he didn’t like it.

What we learned

How to create Lambda functions, work with the aws dev environment, how to create databases in DynamoDB

What's next for MedAssist+

Making the website fully functional with Alexa, being able to add separate log ins for different doctors accessing their patient’s info. Scalable to a greater population and release to all medical professionals. To replace the medical assistant with a low cost alternative virtual medical assistance.

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