is a non profit that is solving the biggest crisis the world faces today, The Refugee Crisis.Last year an equivalent of the population of California was either forcibly moved from their homes or either got evicted due to reasons such as disasters and terrorism. These challenges are huge and when Medair comes to solve these, it faces the challenges of its own.

Medair helps provide relief funds to refugees by through shelter, water, food and Financial Aids. But movements of people has has brought problems with itself. As hard as Medair tries to reach out to the refugees, it cannot due to lack of communication channels an the absence of platform. Similar is the problems faced by the refugees on their ends, cannot reach and contact Medair when they need them the most, especially from the urban areas, where sometimes people live in garages, construction areas and small shelters which are far from reach from the refugee camps let away Medair.

These problems are challenging and realizing the immense potential of Technology, Medair looks up to one of the most influencing places in the field of technology, the Silicon Valley, at PayPal. We are come forward to solve this problem by providing Medair the platform it needs.

We realize that the refugees are well educated and may even have access to facilities such as mobile phones to internet to even the cellular networks. We propose a complete platform based on Web and Mobile which could reach as much people as possible and connect Medair to the people it looks to Help.

An android app for Medair, provides refugees to the access they need in the most frictionless way possible. They log into the application and can just get the help they need as simple as that. Got no android phones? Worry no more, we have a simplistic web platform which can be accessed with the web browser. Got no internet connectivity? You can get help through Text. Texting through the application helps reach the refugee in need to the Non Profit so that they can help in in which ever way possible.

Further, we have added the admin functionality to monitor the requests as they come, which are further shown on maps dynamically, helping Medair reach and understand the crisis situations and the reaching to the people in need. We have made the distances between the Medair Volunteers and the Refugees much shorter, by automating the request workflow so no time is wasted in the time of need.

This platform is designed using JavaScript framworks of MEAN stack which is a collaboration of NodeJS ExpressJS AngularJS and MongoDB which is interfaced using the middleware of RabbitMQ. This makes the platform scalable, ,faster, reliable, and easy to expand in future.

We look forward to provide further solutions using Apache Spark and Kafka frameworks to provide data analytics capabilites make the Medair and its collaborating Non profits be prepared for all in help and make the refugees self sufficient.

We hope this helps Medair to further help towards the refugee crisis the world faces today and makes it a much more self sufficient and helping Non Profit Organization.

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