A few days ago on a train going back home, I met a research scientist working on rare diseases. I asked about the problematics they had and she said that connecting doctors working on the same diseases would add a lot of value to their scientific publications and therefore help at curing these diseases.

What it does

It connects doctors working on the same diseases and enable cooperation between them at a global scale.

The workflow is pretty straight forward: a doctor (Bob) fills a submission form indicating the name of the disease and the number of cases he has. This is pushed on Ocean Protocol. He also gives an email address (stored on S3). When another doctor (Alice) declares she's working on the same disease, Bob receives an email saying "Alice is working on the same topic/diseases, he/she identified 3 cases.". Now they're in contact, they can freely communicate together. This is solving an old problem and adds a lot of value to researches working on these diseases.

The business case is real.

The full compliance with health professional is here.

There's a lot of money at stake here.

And the app works (v0.1).

How we built it

We used Ocean Protocol.

Challenges we ran into

Familiarise ourselves with Ocean Protocol stack which is part of the Convergence Stack.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Smooth project management and collab. App delivered in time.

What we learned

We learned to deal with both Blockchain AND privacy.

What's next for Med Wave

This simple app has A LOT of potential. The branding is coming.

Built With

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