Purpose: What is Med Speak?


Due to COVID, many doctors and nurses are stretched thin, balancing the growing numbers of COIVD cases. It's now common that doctors and nurses are unable to see their regular patients without a scheduled appointment. Non-COVID Patients face several problems. They are frustrated by the lack of accessibility to make an appointment. A great solution to the problem would be calling the medical office, but all medical officials are redirected to focus on urgent medical calls relating to COVID. A runner-up solution would be doing a walk-in appointment, however, those options are no longer available due to hospitals wanting to limit the chances of contracting COVID.

Data Before COVID Workload

Doctors on average work 51 hours a week and see 20 patients a day.

Panel size

More recent studies have found “current panel sizes ranging from 1200 to 1900 patients per physician.

After COIVD Fewer than 20% of the usual visits are now in person.

1 in 5 COVID patient in need of hospital care About 70,000 people are hospitalized


How might we create a platform that allows patients from around the USA to easily book appointments and minister medication in a way that feels personal, impactful, and efficient?

Problem to solve: How can patients schedule appointments via online?


Med Speak consists of services for English and non-English speakers who can readily access their doctor via telephone. The app features include booking a doctor's appointment, bookkeeping of prescribed medication, and a track record of the patient's medical info.


  1. Research: Background research, Surveys, and Competitive analysis
  2. Define: Personas, Problems, and Needs
  3. Ideate: Brain Storming, Sitemap, User flow
  4. Prototype: Wireframing, Hi-Fi prototyping

Questions to frame a solution:

  • Who am I designing for? Who is the target audience?
  • Why would users want to use the app?
  • How might we be able to improve the medical onboarding experience?
  • How do we bridge the gap between the user and their goals?

Using Lemers Method

  • Learnability: How easy is it for users to navigate the app or web service to accomplish their needs?
  • Efficiency: Once they get a grip of the app, how quickly can they perform tasks? How many clicks?
  • Memorability: After not using the app for some time, how easily can they navigate through the app?
  • Errors: How easily can Users recover from the errors?
  • Satisfaction: How pleasant is it to use the design?

Challenges I ran into

Solution: Even though I could not move forward with my original body map design, I still had to create a feature that solves the problem for users who want to schedule an appointment. Going back to the drawing board, I had to come up with a new two-screen design solution, where users can fill in a form with their reason for requesting an appointment, listing their symptoms, and a drop-down list component selecting from a list of body part terminology that correlates to the symptoms.

Built With

  • figma
  • ui
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