Most of our team didn't know how to code (only one person barely knew Java). However, we wanted to still submit something that wouldn't be laughed at. So, after taking a tour around the booths, we were inspired to create a medical game for kids in hospitals. Merck was asking hackers to relate their work to something medicinal, and Morgan Stanley had a Presbyterian Hospital challenge that was challenging hackers to create programs to ease families through the painful/tedious processes they face when a loved one is hurt. In dire situations, even the tiniest bits of light can be rays of sunshine. In our game, we have a a doctor who runs across the platform fighting invading bacteria while protecting the common folk from harm. What may be seen as a rather simple game to a common person is rather an intensive collaboration of animations and custom artwork to make the game seem and run smoothly. This is our first time doing this, and we hope it can live up to the common standards and bring joy into patients' lives.

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