Consumption of medicine is increasing but getting useful information about medicine is still difficult and takes a lot of time. We want to make this process simpler and easier for people from all walks of life and give only information that people really need about medicine.

What it does

Our app provides information about interaction between different drugs, important warnings, medication during pregnancy, when to stop use, etc. It also shows locations of nearby pharmacies and directions to them. All the information is given in a less verbose way so that people don't have to spend too much time reading difficult terms and can get only useful information.

How we built it

We used ionic 2 with angular 2 as our front-end framework and firebase as our database. We used different web APIs to get medicine information and summarize it.

Challenges we ran into

After we implemented all that we planned, we had to adjust other features according to the feature that we want to add. The coordination was pretty challenging. Also, integrating with google map to give user the direction for a store was the last and challenging part. Getting all the attributes for URL, and putting them together in typescript were pretty complex.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We implemented even more features than we thought.

What we learned

How to use ionic 2, angular 2, use REST API, and git

What's next for MED MEN

Services for an individual user such as search history, collecting data with surveys and use machine learning with it.

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