The inspiration for our project came from the alarming amount of medical injurious which were due to patients taking certain medicines that's active ingredients cause harm when taken with other medicines or when they have certain medical conditions. We were looking for a way to lower this number, as well as get people more informed on what over-the-counter medicine they are taking when they are sick.

What it does

The app contains a profile and a database of medical conditions, prescription medicine, and over the counter medicine. The app keeps track of the user’s name, age, sex, weight, medical conditions, and medicine they are taking. When adding any new medicine, the app alerts the user if the medicine is incompatible with any current medicines they are taking.

How we built it

Using List, Array Lists and java databases, we wrote the code that would act as the backbone of the application.

Challenges we ran into

None of us were experienced with coding an app or a website, therefore we decided to learn how to code a html website and make a visual mock up of what the app would look like and function. And also because of that, the core functionality of the code was made to export into a terminal instead of a device’s screen. Since also none of the group mates had no experience in the medical field, we had to call up some friends outside of the challenge to ask about medical terms.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Writng the appropriate code that correctly handles the databases created. Building a medical database containing effects, side effects, alternatives, and incompatible medicines. We are also proud of learning how to build a html website from scratch.

What we learned

We learned how to push back the challenge of developing something with a prompt that we aren’t familiar with. Doing this, we developed more skills and got more familiar with already introduced concepts such as List, Array List, Functions, Classes and Objects and HTML.

What's next for Med-Help

What’s next for Med-Help is further development and integrated into an actual app once we learn the proper skills needed. We also need to integrate a larger database for the app so that more medicines and medical conditions can be added.

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