Our population is getting older. Sometimes it is difficult for them to go to the doctor. Furthermore, if they go there to run some tests, they just get one value instead of a progression over a longer time period, which would be more useful. This would enable the possibility for early recognition to prevent disease. Also it would help to reduce the consume of drugs, which is a big problem too. During a experiment in the biology labor we had the idea to automatize the process of running test on the urin, which allow severel diagnosis. Therefore we developed the MED-CHECK.

What it does

The MED-CHECK is a system which is placed in the back of your toilet. It automatically runs different tests on the urin to measure the pH-value and the present of glucose. By injection of an indicator it is possible to get the values with a photometer. It immediatly returns the value to the database. Also it gets compoared to default values. The access of your data is possible through the website of our device. After the login every user can see the history of his data.

How we built it

Hardware: At first we designed a CAD model of our device which could be placed in the back of a toilet. For the Hackathon we built a Prototyp of the Measurment part to simulate the tests of urin. It is made out of every available Hardware on the Hackathon. The casing, in which everything is included is made out of package material. It includes a LCD display for instant feedback, buttons to control and to simulate the flush, and the measure unit in a darkroom. The measure unit was built out of an RGB LED and a photoresistor. To get the values for different indicators it is possible to use specific wavelengths. The functionality is like in a real photometer. The whole device is controlled by a arduino 101.

Software: The software is used to read values from the arduino hardware, and based on the readings comparisons are made to the normal ph value stored in the database. Once the values are read from the database a chart is created where the x axis represents the time at which the value was recorded while the y axis represents the ph value in real time. Different colours are used to represent the ranges of values being mapped.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge for the Hardware were the missing tools, 3D printer and electronic components. Because of that we hat to review our Prototyp adampt our ideas for building and the sensors. We ended up using everything we could find for the Hardware like packages, straws and the woodsticks of starbucks. Reading the values from the database and converting them to a graph format was a very challenging part as well as reading the serial data from the arduino system via python. Especially because we hadn´t got a ethernet or wifi modul for the arduino. Also the website we created is just running local at the moment. A challenge which wasn´t technical was the language, because sometimes it is difficult to describ complex technical problems.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got a running measurement system for the pH-value with a visalization. If you some up the costs it would be around 40$ and it is accurate enough for simple applications. The usua measurment systems start at around 600$, so we are pround to get representive values out of our device.

What we learned

A huge benefit for our team was the variety of our majors. With Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Biotechnology, we were able to implement a product which combines hardware as well as software and biological data. Hence, each team member was able to perform and improve his personal occupations and got an insight into different project related areas. Through continuous communication among ourselves we combined the knowledge of out different majors

What's next for MED-CHECK

The next prototypes will measure more variables and also run the tests automatically. Also there are a lot of other things we want to implement:

  • automatically generaten mail to contact in case of irregularity
  • user identification (finger print on flush)
  • integration in appications like apple health
  • check, if older persons took their drugs (inform contact)
  • recognice eating habbits and suggest mealplan
  • monthly pdf report to doctor
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