AI-powered medical robots on the blockchain


In the current state of our world, there has never been a greater need to build tools that benefit public health for elderly care. What does it mean to be aged 65+ in America?

  1. $3.8 trillion industry. Seniors represent 5% of the population yet 43% of healthcare spending
  2. Access to healthcare. 50% of seniors live in low density rural areas far from healthcare infrastructure
  3. Long wait times. Average 4-week medical appointment wait time from low doctor patient ratios

What it does

MedBlock Solution. Elderly care with AI-powered medical robots on the blockchain.

RFID sensors - location tracking for safety with checkpoints - locate missing items with software hardware connectivity IOT - MedBot Robot for home monitoring and medical alerts/notifcations

Computer Vision with Tensorflow.js with an automated pillbox fall detection, visual impairment aid, and remote medical diagnostics.

Natural language processing with Tensorflow JS and Open AI's GPT3 - speech recognition, text to command, voice activation, and a chatbot to combat social isolation.

Blockchain medical data with IPFS encryption - allows for data privacy and endpoint security. Considerations made for cybersecurity, compliance, connectivity while leveraging cloud technologies.

Challenges we ran into

Did not sleep. Drank a lot of coffee. Setting up IPFS.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Fall detection binary image classification algorithm was fun to make.

What we learned

Learning about blockchain encryption with privacy sensitive bio-metric data.


Built With

  • gpt3
  • ipfs
  • tensorflow
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