The three main inspirations are

  1. Help the Frontline workers using tech to reduce one of the major problems
  2. Medical Health Organization is not adequately prepared to care for patients that are affected by COVID / Any Disease which leads to unnecessary human suffering with spending a huge amount on products which are not needed by neglecting the data ( Making sense of it ) and then acting on

What it does

  1. Make the logistics and the supply chain part of a medical organization easier.
  2. Make the data points which are available and make sense and help in better decision making for doctors.
  3. Making the task of doctor-patient relationship much easier and convenient

How we built it

Each and every team members took the lead role and lead the part which at last enable us to made the project completed on time.

  1. Arnav was the lead and played a key role in the completion of the project by working alone on the backend, hosting and integration of the chatbot and also helped our 4th member in some database management.
  2. Ayush our own python wizard took the work in his hands to work on TensorFlow library to build a chatbot that was integrated with the doctor-patient relationship.
  3. Devansh worked with Sanchit on the frontend and is in his beginning hack so he took part in each and every role and was the one who made a video presentation of the project.
  4. Sanchit worked on the frontend and designing the whole project using Figma and played a key role as Product Manager.

Challenges we ran into

  1. For the database which no one had ever done, it took almost 6-9 hours for reading the documentation and conversation with mentor back and forth with huge time zone difference was a huge task.
  2. No one in the team was familiar with bootstrap and was not comfortable and t took a lot of reading got to implement and to of help with other hackers. 3.Due to heavy use of TensorFlow the chatbot was not being hosted on the Heroku app so we have to find another way.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1, Integration of the chatbot with TensorFlow and website.

  1. Converting the frontend using bootstrap
  2. working nonstop 25 hours with drinking 6 cups coffee, 2 Redbull and some dark chocolate

What we learned

  1. Using Bootstrap
  2. Tensorflow Integration
  3. database Management

Built With

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