We want to solve the drug epidemic.

What it does

We have a permanent record of all the prescription medicines prescribed to the patient. The doctor will be granted access by the patient for the doctor to properly treat them.

How I built it

We have a web application prototype of the UX. We explored TODAQ’s service API along with the prototype to build a basic Android application using Java, in order to demonstrate that the API could be implemented.

Challenges I ran into

API key challenge: there were problems with ssl and http on Android development.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We deployed an Android app using apk on a Samsung phone and we confirm the correct functioning with the TODAQ network.

What I learned

We learned about UX development and TODAQ’s protocols, networks and APIs during the workshop and application. We learnt about GIT, npm, node and other java script related concepts.

What's next for MedAccess

Full Android implementation. Integrate payments into our application.

Built With

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