Have you ever faced long queues in clinics and hospitals waiting for your turn to consult a doctor, where you have to sit even though you are unwell? How good it would be if we could consult a doctor sitting on your couch and if compulsory, reach the clinic or hospital only when it’s your turn. Sounds like a good wish to ask a Genie. But why to disturb genie when we have plenty of computer magicians also known as programmer present to solve this problem.

What it does

  1. The aim of this project is to provide the Indian citizens a new and comfortable way of availing medical treatments.
  2. To introduce a token system so that patient can book an appointment or avail immediate surgery from the nearest hospital or where the queues are less.
  3. To bring all the doctors, hospitals and clinics under a single system so that patient can know where they can avail the treatment.
  4. A first aid is always necessary in case of any miss happening. The app/website can either connect you to the doctors available online or show you the ways of treatment.
  5. A chat room is also available so that doctors can keep track of their patient health and patient can also resolve their queries.


In case of a medical attention, just dive into our website/app. The patient first of all have to use our app/website to enter the symptoms/ select them from the dropdown menu .The online systems then search for the hospitals that can treat the disease having these symptoms , after finding the hospitals it then searches for the nearest ones . Now if the condition of patient is severe the system recommends the nearest hospital and the hospital is alerted in advance with the condition of the patient and can prepare them and also priority is given to the patient. If the condition of patient is normal the system then searches the hospital and displays a result where hospitals are arranged with less token count and user can select, in which hospital he wants to go for the treatment. After the selection of the hospital the user will receive a token number and time .The user will only be treated at the allotted time.

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