The MechEmpire-Clash is supposed to be an extension of my previous project MechEmpire, an AI agent game programming tournament platform. The Mechempire is designed to interesting and make people learn coding via writing their AI Agents. The MechEmpire-Clash is based on the same game idea. The game core is rewritten in Unity C# (Mech AI platform: C++). The game is aiming to get more people involved in happy coding and make them able to combat with the AI agent they write themselves in the future.

What it does

MechEmpire-Clash is Multiplayer 3d shooting game, players can join the game and control their robots with their mobile device. A lot of weapons and engines with a variety of features is available.

How I built it

Unity3d, EA pathfinder API. (Game concept and 3d models are adapted from my previous project MechEmpire)

Challenges I ran into

Fighting alone; Adapting to Unity's style structure;

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Help EA find a listener function delete bug in their API; The game is mostly complete, including a number of game details. With EA API, players can join and control with their mobile device which is really fun to clash with several players together.

What I learned

Info about EA pathfinders API. Ways to communicate between unity and web.

What's next for MechEmpire-Clash

Extend the AI part so that AI agent program from MechEmpire can be directly used in the Clash

Built With

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