From the social assumptions of the Greek philosophers to the digitalized world, one of the parts that make up the society has been seen as the right to education and learning. With Covid19, the children continued to consume all the useful and useless online content during their time at home and fell into an endless repetition. From the surveys conducted with parents and teachers, we observed that children bored at home, other than teaching organized by educational institutions, they move away from new concepts such as creative thinking and dexterity. For this reason, we have identified the problem experienced by children who do not produce content, consume content, and forget about questioning.

There are few quality environments where online education and manual skills that support pedagogical development are used together. We can give EbaTV, which was activated in a short time, as an example in this regard. Regardless of the financial situation, it is important for this problem to be solved in order to raise individuals who are interested in technological issues and raise useful individuals for the society that produce value-added products. This development should start at an early age so that future individuals can deal with problems alone.

We came to the conclusion that our target audience consumed a lot of content during the process they were at home and that the contents were lack of quality. Parents also had serious problems in this regard. We show the working principles of technological devices, which children do not notice at home every day, by removing their curiosity and that they can make these devices themselves.

With the concept of “Back to Basic” for children, we aim to teach the working principles of mechanical and technological devices (respirators, refrigerator, etc.) in our daily life, and to create a generation that will produce value-added products by increasing their interest in scientific issues. We will realize the project both with visualizations on digital platforms (Youtube) and with kits using waste materials they will do with manual skills. We are planing to establish an ecosystem, including the Ministry of Education, Logistics sector and the media.

Our most important feature that distinguishes us from our competitors is that we are easily accessible, sustainable and accessible. We are making the time of the children valuable knowing that they will be Mech-tuber with their peers, rather than high-paid products. In addition to being able to collaborate easily with institutions, we have a plan that is open to change and where changes can be implemented quickly.

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