We have encountered many times when we're craving food but don't wanna go out alone. We realized that matching individuals based on food preferences would help resolve that problem, especially since it build upon the camaraderie that comes from eating food!

What it does

  • Matches users with other users who have identical food and logistical preferences, based on proximity

How we built it

  • java on android studio and backend
  • javascript, css, JSON and html for website

Challenges we ran into

  • none of us have ever written an app before, so we had to learn android studio
  • using the google maps and nearby APIs, we had trouble on the backend -using Github to compile and work on code together

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • creating a working app
  • creating a website in a few hours

What we learned

  • how to use android studio
  • how to use APIs

What's next for mEAT ups

-Improved UI design -Pages that show suggestions based on user patterns (machine learning)

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