In many meeting (whether they are in-person or online meetings), the meeting is dominated by one or few people, while there might be several individuals who don't get to speak their mind at all or only very little.

For example, data has shown that women tend to speak way less in meetings than men.

In order for meetings to be most efficient and productive, everyone should spend roughly the same time talking. That's why we made this web app that uses AI to analyze the voice inputs in meetings to clearly present the differences and inequality in your meetings.

However, how much each individual speaks is not the only factor in determining the quality of a meeting. Often times, people also get interrupted by others, which is disrespectful and can make people be aftraid to speak up.

That's why our web app also detects when someone gets interrupted by someone else and shows that on the dashboard, plus lets you play the recording of that interruption so that you can see what really happened.

We believe that this tool could improve the equality in online/in-person meetings a lot and we definitely plan to expand and finish it outside of the hackathon.

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