The inspiration for MeasureMagic is the time that group member Jack Dauphars spent working as a fit model for the fashion school

What it does

What, in this paper is referred to as MeasureMagic, is actually just a module of MeasureMagic. Since the current form is only a single unit of the MeasureMagic toolkit, it is not MeausureMagic unto itself, but just another free component of a soon-to-be fully functioning MeasureMagic system when combined with the MeasureMagic corelibs, web interface utilities, and other vital system components comprising a full MeasureMagic system as defined by the group. Many fabric outlets of the future will run a modified version of the full MeasureMagic system every day.

The Goal of MeasureMagic is to save a designer's time and money by helping to calculate the least amount of fabric necessary to craft custom clothing. By filling out the simple on-line form with measurements, the MeasureMagic algorithm will tell exactly how long of a cut of fabric will be needed to make a garment. Not only will this save a designer's time, but it will save a designer's money as well. This product can streamline the retail experience, as well as the garment engineering process. With an in store MeasureMagic unit, running on a Dragonboard, or similar energy saving computer, a designer can come into the store with nothing but measurements and a desired fabric type, and leave with the materials necessary to make their mental vision into a physical reality.

How we built it

We developed the algorithm in a python script and then ported it into a web application.

Challenges we ran into

Going into the Hackathon, no one in the group had much of a grasp on fashion design.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the interface to work with a textile distributor

What we learned

We learned to use our skills from various classes we have taken at Kent State to make a web application.z

What's next for MeasureMagic

The next step for MeasureMagic is adding more utilities. As it stands, the prototype is only for making calculations about a t-shirt. Hopefully we can collaborate with fabric distributors to add their outlets to our MeasureMagic utility; If we can collaborate, this would be good for all parties involved, from the distributor, to the end user.

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