One of the team member had an argument with his friend about who's car's suspension is better, less worn out and keeps car stable more. They came up with a conclusion that it is really hard to measure your suspension's condition in a simple way, without spending big amounts of money and time fixing difficult and special equipment on your suspension.

What it does

We use MoveSense sensors for measuring the acceleration on the suspension system while driving your car or mountain bike through the road. Measured data is transferred to your phone or any paired device and shown on diagrams. From gathered data you can see how your suspension system reacts to obstacles, road changes or plain road.

How we built it

We analysed the sensors specifications, possibilities, physics behind it. Taking all the data into consideration we created android application that gathers data from sensor and provides the needed outcome for the user. Second step was creating fixation modules on the suspension system and calibrating it with the data we gather.

Challenges we ran into

Car suspension testing isn't very common part of our lives, so we needed to understand the basics behind it. It also took us time to get to know Android application programming.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to make a working product with real world use-cases for both serious researches and just hobby level car and bicycle testing.

What we learned

We realized that working with such project you need to "think outside of the box" and go not traditional way how to use sensor device for various purpose.

What's next for Measure your suspension

Developing new ways of measuring suspension parameters using easy access sensor and using all of it's possibilities. Broaden the usage of the sensor not only in vehicles suspension measuring, but also analyzing the road surfaces in cities using the acceleration sensor.

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