Just launched, The Meaning of Life Experiment is a completely Free Happiness App created specifically for the Happiness App challenge. It is an engaging Journey of Self-Discovery, where people take an experiment to see how they can increase their happiness and well-being through various tools. Users rate themselves on levels of happiness at the beginning and at the end of the experiment. Through the App, users can gain access to 30 HQ original inspiring videos and interactive exercises, as well as 30 Meditations and seven 3 min Stress Busters. There are over 25 hours of free content. Users can then engage in a Global Conversation to share ideas with others all over the world.

The App is based on 20 years of research into the Science of Happiness, the brain neurology of emotion, and Stress Management. It is designed for anyone interested in increasing their levels of happiness and well-being, as well as discovering their potential in life. All the content can be accessed for free as you progress through your timeline.

You can watch the trailer here: http://youtu.be/O6FZjyZTvvE

My Inspiration I have always felt that it is my Life Purpose to support and inspire people to become happier! I run a clinic specialising in treating stress-related disorders, and I felt that there was nothing out there that could help people increase their happiness quotient in the moment, when they were feeling down or stressed. Seeing the App competition, I wanted to create an app that had many tools at people’s disposal, that can help them access their inner-happiness and stillness at any time.

What you get in the App

  • Each day you can access a powerful 10 or 20 minute guided Meditation with specially designed background music to take you deeper
  • On your Timeline, you can access many hours of Videos on discovering more happiness, as well as your Life Purpose
  • A Journal to document your Self-Reflections, as well as a Gratitude Journal
  • Share experiences with other people taking the experiment on Social Media

Originality and Innovation: We feel that this is the first time someone has released a whole comprehensive Happiness & Live Purpose program through an app, with this level of content (over 25 hours). We feel the timeline is an innovation, where people have 30 days of content so they can see how their journey over time.

Potential Positive Impact: We believe this app will become a large global experiment on increasing the world’s happiness quotient, by getting more people to meditate, to learn more about their minds, and using innovative in-the-moment tools. Whatever people are going through in their lives, we believe there is a video or meditation which can help support them. Because it is completely free, this will increase accessibility.

Technical Difficulty: To create the app for the competition, we had to overcome the challenge of allowing users to access such a huge amount of content in a clear simple way.

User Interface and design: We designed a simple clear interface with a non-cluttered design, to help the user navigate the content. We hope you enjoy our app!

Built With

  • android-os-2.3.4
  • android-sqlite-database
  • android-studio-(mac)
  • facebook-app-api
  • github-(source-control)
  • jira
  • mysql-database
  • opengl-es
  • os-email-api
  • os-mediaplayer
  • photoshop
  • php-webservices
  • twitter
  • youtube
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