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Entry for The AngelHack NYC 2016 Hackathon, NYC 04 June 2016

The Idea

The idea is to allow people to schedule multiple (and smaller) meals a day and be able to track each of these meals. The tracking will allow a picture to be attached to the meal diary entry.

How It Works

The user sets a start time and end time window and the number of meals they want a day. Also the number of days to save the meal diary. Then the app will alert the user when it is time to eat. It uses a Service Worker pattern to check to see if it is time to send the alert. Each time the user select the meal in the alert list and can add a picture (with the camera) and note to the meal diary entry.

The past meal diary entries can be viewed in the meal diary list and details can be seen from the details page.

How It Was Built

This mobile application was built with the sweet Ionic Framework (Angular.js/JavaScript/CSS/HTML5) and uses the Google FireBase service for authentication and cloud data storage. And I got to play with Service Workers too.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for MealTime

Additional features could be added like

  • tracking when water is consumed,
  • adding a calorie counter,
  • and perhaps a snack jumbler (which will mix up your snacks for the whole week or maybe just a few days).

Live Demos

Apple iPhone and any Android smartphones (or tablets) can run the static mobile app from the free Ionic View app (available on "the App stores"), using the preview code: c58fb464

Live web app version of the static MealTime can be found here:

And the latest APK can be found here:

The GitHub repository for the web app is here:

Please contact me directly if you wish to use this application.


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