Inspiration :-

We live in a generation of constant mental stress. Mental Health is being taken for granted for quite some time now. Every day, we're rushing from one place to the other and in this horse race, our health loses. So, we decided to tackle this challenge through the use of technology.

What it does:-

Our product provides a bunch of features:

  1. Mental Health Assessment: The users are asked to go through a questionnaire that has a series of multiple-choice questions and on the basis of his/her response, we determined a mental score for the person. If the person has more than 10, we suggest them to have a look at our services.

  2. Stress Dumper: Imagine a soundproof room wherein you can go in and scream as loud as possible, just venting out all your frustration without the fear of being judged or (...shh) being caught in workplace politics. So, we implemented it through tech by using anonymous chat servers. So, you just go in and let loose.

  3. Chat Bot: Mr. Mealth will always be a click away. A customized Google Assistant app(interactive) that can keep track of your mental health.

4.An Interactive chatbot on the website where you can ask questions or doubts and can request for other services.

  1. Wollars: Are you exhausted from all the overtime work-related stress? What if there was an option where you can redeem every minute of your work in terms of work dollars? Yes! That's exactly "work-dollars". If you work overtime or maintain a good mental health while using our services, we'll reward you with wollars, you earn wollars and can use it to buy movie tickets or snacks or redeem/avail discounts.

  2. We do much more than this! We have partnered with certified counsellers who are available to help you. We also provide a list you can refer to if you want self-help.

  3. From DOG THERAPIES to YOGA SESSIONS to GET_ADDICTION FREE campaigns we have got it all covered.

  4. Awareness programs for Cyber Bullying and Cybercrimes in adolescents are on the rise, so to all the parents out there, get acquainted with your kids and raise the voice against cyberbullying.

How we built it:-

Although we know a simple test cannot determine one's mental health or what's going on in someone's life our attempt was to get an idea of what a person is going through and provide them with services at one platform altogether, our membership has everything covered at the same place from Insurance to Small services. We figured out some basic causes of mental stress and aimed to focus on those. We used AWS-integrated Wordform templates for the basic structure and styled it with CSS and widgets available, then we made the backend using react js and available features. We divided our services into 3 categories -: For Kids/Schools, For Individuals and For Organizations. Since everyone has their own set of challenges at different steps of life, we felt the need to divide the services and make them user-specific. A place where you can express what you are going through without any empathy or sympathy is what one needs or that was what we thought, so we aimed to create a platform with the help of widgets and APIs and python which is dedicated to Employees where they can come and de-stress themselves by expressing what they want without the fear of getting judged or pitied upon.

Challenges we ran into:-

Coming up with the right type of questions for the questionnaire and later forming an algorithm to find the mental health level of the person. Making a chatbot and integrating it into the website. Making a google assistant app for our website which can be accessed by users readily at the ease of their click.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of Mealth. Being able to come up with a solution for the algorithm for finding the mental level of the person. Being able to create a sort of Messaging Platform-using APIs and our wits and later making the users anonymous. Being able to come up with the concept of Wollars.

What we learned

We learnt a lot about the AWS services available and how it can be integrated with other platforms. We learnt about google action console and being able to construct a google assistant app for the website is something we never thought we'd be able to do in 24hours.


The idea is to spread the idea of Mealth amongst everyone possible and expanding our services to everyone who need help. We hope to create an account-oriented Wollars feature and have to work more on the cyber bully aspect of our app.

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