As students who cook for ourselves, it is challenging to think of dishes that can get rid of leftover veggies and ingredients in the refrigerator. We thought it will be helpful to build meal suggestion application

What it does

Once the program asks for your input ingredient(s), type however many ingredients you want. Then it will show you the title of variety of dishes to try and a link to the recipe!

How we built it

Using python and python requests library, we were able to request and get the information from Wegmans' API and then created tables (dictionaries) to easily navigate relevant information.

Challenges we ran into

Using postman to pull up the Subscription key and request information. Using the given data was also challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As group of students who've never experienced API usage and requests library, we are proud to finish the project in time with such a concise code.

What we learned

We learned a lot about python requests library works and Postman and API. Also it was a good opportunity to realize how important data management is and to challenge ourselves with totally new area of coding.

What's next for MealSuggestion

We are expecting to work on Front-end implementation.

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