MEALSTEAL is an application that allows people on UPenn's campus to easily be aware of all the opportunities that are available for free food. Programmed in Java, MEALSTEAL works as a desktop application, but can be compatible with handheld devices, specifically Android. To use MEALSTEAL, the user must first very him/herself through facebook. Afterwards, the user has two options. The first option is to post an announcement about free food that is either currently available or will soon be available on UPenn's campus. Information on the type, location, and time of the food must be provided. This information will be posted directly to the user's facebook account in a readable way, but tailored so that other applications will instantly recognize it as a free food announcement. When the user wants to find free food, MEALSTEAL will generate a list of options for the user. The options are retrieved from the user's announcements, and other announcements made by the user's friends. MEALSTEAL also uses Google Maps API to generate a map showing the locations of all the food with markers. Users can also provide images of the food with the announcements. These images are displayed when the user searches for free food options.

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