Inspiration: Never knowing what I want to eat or could eat!

Short Summary

Mealquest generates recipes for meals based on a user's input. Sample inputs could be budget, dietary restrictions, calories per complete meal serving, time allowed for cooking, food category desired, and more. This will be a completely free service for end-users, and instead targeted at supermarkets/grocery stores in B2B sales as a value-adding service.

What it's built with

Mealquest was built in Visual Studio 2017 CE utilizing .NET 4.7 Framework and Entity Framework 6. Utilizes MVC 5, Razor, NuGet package,


I ran into some issues planning my database, and how each entity would relate to each other. Additionally, constructing my development guideline and planning how I wanted to start proved challenging as I have never developed anything like this before. Fortunately Jesse and Bill from Drips, and Brian from FeneTech were very helpful! Thank you again!

Accomplishments (maybe!)

Hopefully getting this demo successfully running, and conveying what I'm doing right!

What I've Learned

Coming into this project, I knew very basic C# revolving around Windows Forms template. Learning MVC, Razor, and more about .NET has been a great learning experience, and I am excited to continue working on this project.

Future Plans!

Data-wise: Create a web crawler in Python to gather data rather than manually finding and enter data. Migrate database to MS SQL Server. Add onto: More parameters for searching (such as alcohol pairings). More options for current variables (food categories, dietary restrictions, etc). UI – continue to improve user experience. Introduce: Ranges rather than static variables. Fitness calculator to calculate daily macros for weight gain/loss. Macros for meals for fitness tracking. Adapt for other “DIY” stores – Home Depot, Lowes, ACE, etc.

Built With

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