[ When feeling a certain way, it may be difficult to sometimes decide on what to eat, and sometimes not knowing what to eat can irritate you.]

What it does

[ An app with four of the most common moods of when people usually would like to eat so that they may feel better or even better than they already were. After selecting the mood, we have an option of four foods people usually would want to eat. From there it takes you to UberEats with a variety of restaurants carrying the desired food.]

How we built it

[ We used the MIT App Inventor to create our app.]

Challenges we ran into

[ Our first original idea was to have the user themselves pick their own food based on their own mood, because everyone is their own and different person, however since we were limited on time, we did our research and picked the food for them.]

Accomplishments that we're proud of

[ Accomplishments that we're proud of is that our app was voted the best out of the class, and that we actually did so well creating this.]

What we learned

[ We learned how to put pieces together which gave us the opportunity to create this amazing app, Mealmoji.]

What's next for Mealmoji

[ We hope to fix or upgrade Mealmoji to where the user can customize the app to their own food and their own mood. Hopefully if our app does good, we will be given the opportunity to improved our app.

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