As a college student, it is sometimes hard to focus on your studies while also worrying about food. Many college students either spend too much money or don't get enough calories a day. Others may also not know what to make and end up eating junk food like Mcdonalds. With this tool, people can find a working meal plan and find recipes that they can make with the resources they have.

What it does

Mealify is a web app that has 2 main features that help people manage their budgets. The meal planner feature allows the user to enter their desired budget and calories per day and the web app will output a meal plan for the entire week. The recipe finder feature is used to not waste any leftovers at home, it allows the user to enter the ingredients they already have and outputs a list of recipes that they can make.

How I built it

I built the web app with html/css, javascript for any animations, and used python for the backend.

Challenges I ran into

This was my first time working with Flask and working around its features. Also, it was my first time coding in html/css and javascript.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. Input/output - being able to grab input from the user via HTML and outputting the results with python's flask framework
  2. API - getting the spoonacular API to work in python and give back recipe data to display.
  3. Simple UI - with the time given I am proud that I was able to code a working website in html/css
  4. Slider Animation - getting the sliders to animated and display the current value using javascript

What I learned

Since this was my first time building a working web app, getting to know the flask framework and also coding in html/css and javascript was great. I also learned how the spoonacular API works, which is great since many modern apps that display food data also use this API.

What's next for Mealify

  1. Login System - getting a working login/sign up system and keeping data for users to come back and see another time.
  2. Budget Tracker - having a feature that allows a user to see how much they are spending on food.
  3. Improving UI - although simple is better, would love to come back and spend more time on the UI.

Github Repo


Try out the web app for yourself, link below!

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