Nutrient deficiency in low-income communities can be tackled with simple, home-cooked meals if they are accessible in terms of time and money.

What it does

NutriLyfe is a web application that, given search criteria, provides daily or weekly meal plans that are tailored to fit an individual’s economical needs.

How we built it

The NutriLyfe website was created with Mockplus, and supplied with data filtered and computed using Python, Pandas, Spyder, and Anaconda.

Challenges we ran into

One of the greatest challenges that we ran into was when we thought that our program was going to be far too complicated and nearly scrapped it. Thankfully, we decided to do an honest review of the plan instead and

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud to have located existing resources (eg: Walmart’s API) useful for the implementation of our program’s goals. We also were pleased to be able to appropriately filter the data in a way that would be beneficial to our users.

What we learned

The innovation process behind NutriLyfe was incredibly educational. In particular, we learned that even if an idea presents many additional possibilities, it is counterproductive to get caught up in the extra details and make the project far more complicated than it has to be. Ultimately, it is important to distill a project down to its most important, distinguishing features and then build up as time permits.

What's next for NutriLyfe

There are many possibilities for expansion in NutriLyfe, which we hope to ultimately build in the MEAN stack. To begin, users could search for meals based upon dietary restrictions and create profiles to save this information. An even more ambitious extension of NutriLyfe is a feature that allows a user’s physician to scan a QR code from the user’s account and submit dietary restriction suggestions. In order to maintain patient autonomy, however, physicians would be unable to see details of the user’s account or do anything more than suggest, for example, the number at which users should set a sliding scale for “max sodium content” per serving. Most ambitious of all, NutriLyfe would ultimately form partnerships with

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