When we were brainstorming topics as a team, one of the ideas that came up was the amount of thought and time that went into planning dinner, so we figured automating the process at the same time as searching for the best prices in both stores and restaurants would be beneficial.

What it does

The program takes in parameters through user input, and based on the results, randomly curates a combination of foods and restaurants with data fed into Java through text files.

How we built it

After mapping out the general ideas and methods that we wanted to implement, we started off by creating code to extract the data from text files into lists of objects. We built off of this by structuring methods with the parameters we could obtain and the logic we devised.

Challenges we ran into

It's important to know that we're high school students with not much practical programming experience, being basic knowledge in both JavaScript and Java. Considering that we're currently learning Java, we figured it would be best to get experience here by working in it. Obviously this caused some challenges to arise, and we spent a good amount of time troubleshooting relatively small errors. The most significant setback that we ran into, however, is that one of the MLH laptops we were using for programming blue-screened and wiped the entire computer. Luckily, we were able to restore most of our code from what we had uploaded to GitHub, but we still spent a couple hours searching for bugs that had previously been fixed, and occasionally having to come up with new solutions (for some reason), which was time we were intending to spend designing more complex methods.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We developed our own way of converting text files to both ArrayLists and Lists with a convoluted system of for loops and substrings, as practicing those specific skills will be beneficial when preparing for our AP CSA exam.

What we learned

An essential skill we learned was the importance of collaborating through GitHub, after the tragic loss of code. In terms of the language itself, we did a significant amount of work with lists, which we haven't learned in class yet, so we now have a much clearer understanding of both the syntax and the usage of lists..

What's next for Meal Planner

Implementation of some of the methods we came up with while brainstorming, but didn't have the brainpower and/or time to create.

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