For people who want to follow a diet strictly either to maintain their health or to have the proper alimentation when exercising, it’s very hard to find the ideal combination of foods that would get them closer to the ultimate diet. Usually you are given a ratio of proteins, carbs and fats with respect to your body weight that you should follow for ideal results. Both of us authors of this project, have personally struggled to build the proper diet for ourselves; hence we decided to create a program to make this job easier. We came up with Meal Planner.

What it does

Users can create an account and add preferences and specifications about the diet they are looking to build. Given the user’s weight and the protein, carb, fat ratio to a given weight, the program tells you what your target should be in each category. From there, you can create different meal plans, each with different meals, and each meal with different foods where you can yourself specify the nutritional facts of the food or use a predefined list of standard foods already available. Based on what you have added, the program will tell you how far you are from your goal.

How we built it

We built it using google app engine. We have a data base with Food, Meal, MealPlan, User objects that relate with each other to save the necessary information.

Challenges we ran into

We struggled with the relationships between the databases and nested objects. We struggled pulling information out of the database to present it on the web page. Since our team was of only two members we had to do a great deal of work to finish the project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of being able to finish the project with the desired functionality. It seemed impossible at first since it was only a team of two and we didn’t have a well-defined system specification.

What we learned

We learned the most about relational databases; but overall, we widely practiced and improved our web development skills. We also mastered team work specifically pairing.

What's next for Meal Planner

The ultimate goal of Meal Planner is to have enough specifications in user preferences so that the program can create the actual meal plan on its own. We had in mind using something similar to the concept in 0/1 Knapsack to know which foods to add first; however, the user will still be responsible for entering his favorites foods, quantities, etc. For future features, we would also like to send the user a pdf version of his or her meal plans.

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