Our favorite quarantine hobby was learning how to cook. As we explored new recipes, we often found ourselves trying to handle various spices and sauces while scrolling through recipes on our phones with our dirty hands. We realized that a touchless solution would allow us to make a good meal and keep our devices clean, so we built just that!

What it does

We created an application on the Magic Leap 1 headset to project interactive recipe instructions and a kitchen timer. Every interaction is touch-free, as our application reacts to hand gestures instead of touch input. Perfect for the kitchen!

How we built it

We used Unity, C#, and the Magic Leap Unity SDK to augment the kitchen with virtual tools. Specifically, we developed a user interface and gesture and hand-tracking functionality to allow the virtual tools to interact with the user's vision and movement in real-time. We utilized the Magic Leap SDK documentation and tutorials to navigate creating this application.

Challenges we ran into

We had challenges with configuring Unity and the Magic Leap SDK, as this was our initial work with AR technology. Furthermore, we ran into challenges linking the 3D objects and hand gestures together. We resolved these issues by scouring the Magic Leap and Unity forums to find other members of the developer community who faced similar challenges.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were very pleased with successfully getting the user interface to react to physical hand gestures. We believe this application possesses great future potential, and we are excited to develop on such a cutting-edge platform and get our hands wet with MR technology. Learning Unity and the Magic Leap platform was rewarding for us, and we look forward to working with future iterations of the hardware!

What we learned

We learned how to develop on Unity and the Magic Leap Platform primarily. Our team has had extensive experience in programming for the web, but utilizing new hardware and developing for a Mixed Reality space was new for us.

What's next for MeaL

We plan on adding additional features such as auto-detection of ingredients using image classification to make it easier for users to find their ingredients. We plan on adding audio tips, recipe imports/recommendations, and more!

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