What inspired MEAA? 📈

Deeply moved by the plight of the endangered animals of Malaysia, I have decided to be their voice and bring to the attention of the world to these suffering fauna through this website.

What exactly is MEAA? 🌐

The website encompasses several subpages, each explaining about each specific endangered animal in Malaysia. They start off with an immersive image carousel, followed by 3 hover cards that provide information on the animal's habitat, diet, and status. Moreover, another 3 gradient widgets retain the characteristics, communication methods, and adaptations of the animal in a bullet point format for an increased user-friendliness. A flip card displays the threats the animal is facing, both natural and human, and a slider shows the possible solutions that can be undertaken by three parties: The Government, the Citizens, and the Younger Generation. At last, a Google Map street view has been embedded to give users a 360° theatre of the natural habitat and make them feel closer to the surrounding environment.

The website is also accessible to the visually challenged due to the addition of an API named UserWay. It encompasses many features, such as screen reader, contrast changer, and a dyslexia font switcher.

The website is responsive, making it viewable on a variety of devices, each having their own different dimensions.

How was MEAA built? 🏗️

I have built it using the 3 native web development languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In addition, I have called an API from a company named UserWay that provides a widget for the visually challenged.

What challenges did I run into? ⏰

There were many technical glitches when:

  1. Playing with the multiple JavaScript libraries
  2. Adjusting the size and resolution of images / videos
  3. and embedding the UserWay Widget into the website.

What is MEAA proud of? 🦾

I am happy of its user-friendliness, ability to cater for visually challenged people and the efficiency in raising awareness concerning the Malaysian endangered animals.

What have I learned while making MEAA? 🚧

  1. Time management
  2. Technical knowledge
  3. Animal misfortunes worldwide
  4. Work efficiency

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