Mental illness is a pertinent issue facing 1 in 5 Canadians today. Unfortunately, there is still a large stigma surrounding this very real and legitimate type of illness. Since mental illness is not visible, or a medical disease that can be quantified or verified, it can often be hard to receive a correct diagnosis following a patients first appointment with a doctor. A patient will also often have a hard time communicating all the symptoms they have been enduring. Anyone struggling with an illness will also have a hard time verbally discussing their feelings.

What it does

ME is an application that will track various feelings, and moods. When someone starts to feel unwell, they can download this application. The user will then pick what they are dealing with from various options. For example, a user could select that they have been feeling down lately. After this, a serious of questions will be asked daily. This information is collected, and graphed so a person can show a doctor what has specifically been a problem. The information is collected through multiple choice questions, true/false questions, a rating system from 1-10, and a text option. With the text, using sentiment analysis and using Indico's API, a neural network is used to take keywords, which are translated to emotions. We aggregate all this information which is then visible through various graphs.

This application can be useful before an initial doctors appointment, but can also be used to track any new side effects that occur following a new prescribed medication.

Mental health is also impacted by, and correlates with nutrition. Each user will briefly answer quick questions to get an overview for their eating habits. This data can be used to detect or reflect eating disorders, or also be used to see if your mental health may be impacted by your diet. For example, depression and anxiety have shown to become prevalent with a diet heavy in carbs and sugar. If someone is showing signs of depression, but has also been eating a myriad of processed foods, a doctor may recommend a diet change before, or in addition to new medication.

How we built it

React Native was used to build our android application. All the mental health questions were taken or derived from credible sources like the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Challenges we ran into

Using React Native.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud to have developed an app that could impact and help many, many people.

What's next for ME

In the future, ME will want to increase the areas of mental illness we cover.

We would also hope to partner with large mental health initiatives like Bell Lets Talk. This would increase our user base, as well as help more people.

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